was arrested, and in June 2008 he was convicted. On Wednesday, close to six years later, he was sentenced.

Tax Court Again Takes Dim View of Benistar Plan BY LAURA JEAN KREISSL, PH.D. AND DARLENE PULLIAM, CPA, PH.D.

Do not travel Down this road...Defendant Donald Trudeau, Defendant Andrew I. Philipsborn, Plaintiff The Thomas D. Philipsborn Irrevocable Insurance Trust, Plaintiff Financial Life Services, LLC, Third Party Defendant Andrew Philipsborn, Third Party Defendant Thomas Philipsborn, Third Party Defendant

and Enjoy Grand children Instead... You Could Be in a World of Trouble!

The IRS May Be Looking For You Those sponsors who are under audit by the IRS have reason to despair. The IRS has standardized its position on the issues and there is little “wiggle room” to dispute the automatic disallowance that will be issued by the IRS auditor. However, there is typically room for some negotiation.