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Lance Wallach even tries to help the IRS go after the sellers of abusive 419, order 412i, captive insurance and section 79 plans. He has also spoken at conventions partially sponsored by the IRS, met with IRS officials at their headquarters in Washington D.C. and has received phone calls from the IRS on point.

Lance Wallach does NOT give the IRS the names of people that RETAIN him to help them. Lance does not give the IRS the names of people that he refers to others for help.
To: Itzkowitz Ronald R
Subject: Lance Wallach

Hope all is well with you. I never heard from your contact about the abusive shelter information that you sent to him. This stuff on section 79 and captive is not all over the net and is sold by the same promoters that used to sell the 412i and 419 scams??????

Also please see attached two articles that mention section 79 and captives. When I speak at accounting conventions, or write articles about them I am sometimes attacked by promoters of the plans. The articles are not 100% correct, as the publications sometimes change content without checking with the authors.

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